Over the last 5 years of my professional career, I have encountered many obstacles, challenges, mountains in the way of success and incredible breakthroughs. Through everything that has past I have maintained a well-balanced lifestyle, a high output of performance and a sound mind. I’m feeling more in tune and healthier then I have ever felt and incredibly excited to maintain this momentum long into the years to come. I still believe in a simple approach to life and living for one audience.

At age 27 its time to really stand for the good, the just, the things that make life, sport, and family so amazing.
I would love to align with longstanding, reputable company's that have a vision for seeing people live out the dreams that make this world a better place.

Wherever i may be, and whatever i lay may hands to, i am ready to give my life into it.

"My success multiplies each time I lead someone else to success."


Glen Thurston

Professional Bodyboarding Athlete