Name: Glen Thomas Thurston
Born: 26th March 1985
Height: 194cm
Current Weight: 87kg
Siblings: Bryce Thurston, Burg Thurston

"True leaders are first to see the need, envision the plan and empower the team for action."


Taking a look back on my younger years I see it through different eyes, somewhat wiser, half loaded with experience and worn in by the streams of life flowing past me.

My Dad was a sailor on a journey, he had sailed around the world at least once that I know of when I was born in Cyprus with brother Bryce, my mum was taking care of Bryce and I on our yacht, meanwhile the burg was chilling in her belly and mum got to the point were she decided it was best to fly back to Australia. We then spent all of our young lives, doing crazy missions around the south coast of NSW.

My child hood was filled with adventure and excitement, having a younger brother Philip (burg) and an older brother Bryce there was never a dull moment in my memory. However I will share some of the things that pulled me aside from the rest and made me who I am today. I think this will shorten the story and give you some of the highlighted moments.

The first thing that comes to mind was my lack of close mates all through my life, even when I was in school I never had anyone who shared the same hobby’s and related to me in my same age group, I was always hanging out with my brothers mates so to speak, at age 15 I was told not to hang out with the guys I considered my close mates, because of the bad habits I picked up from late nights at the skate ring and wagging school, this redirection from my parents pretty much led me into my passion for the ocean.

About 6 months later I became overwhelmed with waves, fishing and anything to do with the water, all I wanted to do was ride waves. Unfortunately due to a severe accident up at my Dads were I was squashed between a truck and a crane, I was almost ripped in half. To recover from this I was forced into an incredibly intensive training pattern from a young age.
I would go through my regime of 150 reps, consisting of 3 different types of abdominal exercises, light pushups and stretching every night to strengthen my core and back to handle all the surfing and twisting I loved to do.

This I believe gave me my sense of acceptance, doing what I loved and being the best I could be, it was almost like a learned not to need many people to have fun and feel content.

2 ½ years of Surfing with my brothers, and taking turns filming gave me a real respect for my older brother Bryce. Watching him grow into a professional rider and get sponsored, then hear of his flights to Hawaii where he met Ryan Hardy and other pro’s and all of these amazing things that I observed just fuelled the fire for success within me.
I can remember working for 2 months straight with my dad along the Hawkesbury River building all kinds of tables and boats; I managed to save enough money for my first season at Hawaii.

Pipeline 2002

Free from finishing my HSC exams and finally set up with some hard earned money I boarded my flight for Hawaii, at age 17 I am frothing out under my older brothers wing and off on the adventure.

This trip saw me tackle some of the biggest waves I had ever seen at that age. I can remember my first session out pipe perfectly. I rocked up with all the nervous jitters of young kid, pipeline was around 10-12 ft solid and I was really nervous. There were a lot of people around I recognised from the movies and as I suited up I knew it was going to be something I had never experienced before.

I entered the water and began to paddle with all my strength feeling as though the whole island were just staring at me. As I began to get out the back this huge set appeared on the horizon and before I could get to the line up were every one was waiting a huge wave broke on my head maxing out from pipe all the way to beach park sending me somersaulting underwater. I came to the surface to realise my board was gone and i was just floating out the back, I tried to bodysurf in but it was so big every wave smashed me and left me in a similar spot.
Eventually I washed up the beach, grabbed a new leash, shook off the fear and paddled back out into the line-up to have the best session of my young life.

After Hawaii I returned home and simply spent my time Bodyboarding, working, training and so many other things I dare not recall them all, I even spent quite some time working at the airport in Sydney and also a prototype power plant in Brisbane, still to this day I have trouble fitting all this in a timeline.

Combined with my usual south coast lifestyle i spent a lot of time improving my surfing leading up to my first big trip, “the Road project”.
This trip was very different for me having Bryce completely laying down his love for surfing to embrace his new passion behind the Camera Lens.
I still to this day believe that Bryce’s act of laying down his Bodyboarding career was a divine element that helped me achieve my professional bodyboarding career today.

Within the first 48 hours of the road project I was on a hospital bed with 40 plus stitches in my foot followed by 2-3 weeks in the recovery ward only to be released into 6-8 weeks of crutching around the west Australian coastline.

This humbled me, destroyed me, and was the beginning of my walk with God; it marks the start of why I am who I am today.

And so the journey continues...